Video Peek 1.41 released

The changes included in this release are:

  • New feature: It’s now possible to order files in the same folder by date, name or size by clicking the file number indicator in the status bar (in between the previous and next buttons)
  • Tag system improvement: Smart tags now work as “suggested” tags and can be added to the video by clicking on them. Clicking on an added tag will remove it
  • Smart tags algorithm improved to suggest names better
  • Improved Peek Player’s live preview responsiveness
  • Improved ease of error reporting with a refined log system
  • The GIF Maker control bar is now more user-friendly by not requiring dragging
  • Bugfix: The “&” was not being displayed in the status bar for filenames that contain it
  • Bugfix: The file counter was not updated after moving a video to another folder
  • Bugfix: videos with a 1:1 or square aspect ratio were causing errors
  • Bugfix: elements will resize properly when Video Peek is started maximized or a video is loaded via drag-and-drop while maximized
  • Bugfix: Peek Player’s option to use a fixed window size was not working properly
  • Bugfix: Some settings were not being saved when closing Video Peek by pressing ESC
  • Several other bugfixes